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Introduction to Matrix Determinant Calculator

The determinant of a matrix calculator with steps is an efficient online tool used in order to find the determinant of any square matrix online. The determinants are highly valuable in calculus and algebraic problems.

As you know determinant of a square matrix is same as the determinant of its transpose. Apart from determinant of a matrix you can also use matrix transpose calculator with steps for free to take the transpose of a matrix easily.

The determinant matrix calculator finds the determinant value from the square matrix elements for solving linear algebraic expressions. Therefore, the matrix determinant calculator with steps can also be used to calculate a matrix inverse in the linear equations. You can also use inverse of a matrix calculator for calculating the inverse of the matrix.

Mathematically, there exist several different schools of thought for finding the determinant of a matrix. However, each of them gave the same answer. But finding the determinant of the matrix can be difficult and also take time if you don't know the exact method for finding the determinant of matrices. You can avoid memorizing the basics of determinant’s different concepts by using the online determinant calculators with steps.

How to use Matrix Determinants Calculator?

Online determinant calculator with steps makes it easy to find the determinants as using the Leibniz or Laplace formulas. It can be quite a lengthy procedure involving several steps and complex calculations. Instead, use the matrix calculator with solution in order to calculate the matrix determinant with step by step procedure.

You can use the determinant of a matrix calculator with steps on any device and calculate the determinant of your matrices in a blink of an eye. All you need to use this calculator is an internet connection and your portable device.

The simple steps mentioned below can help find the determinant value of any matrix.

Browse Matrix Determinant Calculator

After directing to a reputable website providing matrix calculation tools, select the matrix determinant calculator.

Select Matrix Dimensions

After browsing through the determinant solver, first of all, you have to select what dimensions your matrix having. Thus, choose the order of the square matrix.

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As the determinant can be calculated for the square matrix only, therefore, you have to be careful to choose dimensions with 1x1, 2x2, 3x3 or 4x4.

Enter Values

The second procedure requires you to enter the values in the determinant matrix calculator. Add all values one by one and make sure the values are accurate.

Get Determinant

Lastly, all you have to do is click on the calculate button. Within few seconds of clicking the button, the calculator will provide you step by step result of your matrix determinant value.

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How to find the determinant of a 3x3 matrix?

The square matrix having the order 3x3 can be solved in just 3 steps by using the online 3x3 determinant calculator.

Step #1: You just need to enter 3x3 values of determinant in the calculator.

Step #2: Make sure all the input values are correct.


The determinant matrix calculator will instantly show you the accurate results as it is designed to calculate the matrices determinants.

How to Find the Determinant of a 4x4 Matrix?

A matrix having the dimension 4x4 involves quite lengthy calculations which students try to avoid most often. However, students can simplify the procedure by using the online determinant of 4x4 matrix calculator with steps.

For finding deterninant of a 4x4 matrix, you'll need to add the values in the inputs carefully. Make sure you added the accurate values. After, varifying your input values, click on "CALCULATE" button to get results immediately.

The determinant calculator with steps is the easiest method that is used to calculate the matrix having an order of 4x4.

Is there any Shortcut Formula for Calculating the Determinant of Matrices?

The determinant calculating formulas involve complex notions of Laplace and Leibniz. And you have to follow one of the formulas to find the determinant of the matrix. However, you can use determinant matrix calculator which acts like a shortcut. Because here you can easily find the determinant of the matrix with simple and easy steps.

This tool from matrix calculator is solely made for you people. We hope you enjoyed using this determinant calculator step by step. We also offer many other tools for solving your queries related to matrices like determinant of matrix calculator and rank matrix calculator for free.

By James Johnson - Last Updated January 24, 2022