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Matrix Scalar Multiplication Calculator

The matrices can be multiplied by other matrices or any scalar quantity. In order to multiply two matrices together, we use the Matrix Multiplication Calculator. However, the scalar multiplication calculator is used when we need to multiply a matrix with a scalar quantity.

You can also use other matrices tools such as invertible matrix calculator or also you can find adjoint of a matrix calculator to calculate matrices according to your desire.

The addition and scalar multiplication of matrices calculator for matrices is an online tool to accurately take the product of a matrix with any real number. To ease your multiplication procedure of a matrix by a scalar quantity this calculator can be your most helpful tool.

The matrix calculator for matrix scalar multiplication only requires the input in the form of matrix elements and scalar value and within a few seconds gives output with the detailed steps involved during multiplication.

How to Use Matrix Scalar Multiplication Calculator

Using the solve matrix calculator we can take the product of a scalar quantity and a matrix. The matrix multiplication calculator with steps operates in a simplified way, i.e. give input and get output.

In order to use the matrix scalar multiplication tool appropriately following steps will help you accordingly.

Multiply Matrix by Scalar Calculator

In order to matrix multiply online by a scalar number, the matrix multiply calculator can’t be used. Because the matrix multiplication tool is used to do matrix multiplication online. So, when scalar multiplication is required during the matrices problem, open scalar multiplication of matrices.

Select Matrix Order

After opting for the scalar multiplication of matrices, choose the matrices' size. The order of the matrix is chosen ranging from 1 x 1 to 4 x 4, subsequently select the dimension of your matrix.

Enter Matrix Values

Once you've chosen the dimensions for matrices A and B, start entering entries. Input the values of matrix A first, then repeat the process for matrix B. Also, always double-check your entries.

Input Scalar

The third input required by the matrix calculator is the scalar value with which you need to multiply your matrix with. Enter the value of scalar quantity and recheck to enter the exact value.

You can also find the null space of a matrix calculator or matrix subtraction calculator for free to make your calculations easy

Scalar Multiplication

Last of all, choose the “multiply by” option to obtain the product of a matrix with the scalar quantity. After clicking on the option the matrix calculator will display the output in a flash.


What is matrix scalar multiplication?

In order to multiply a matrix with any real number quantity the matrix scalar multiplication concept is implied. Any matrix can be multiplied with a scalar number online using the scalar matrix calculator.

How can I multiply a 3x4 matrix with a scalar value?

The Multiply Matrix by Scalar Calculator is able to multiply any matrix up to size 4x4. Using the matrix calculator the product of a matrix having the order 3x4 and a scalar value is computed in less than a minute.

We hope you enjoyed our scalar matrix multiplication calculator. Don't forget to use our other tools such as reduce matrix calculator, or matrices addition calculator for free.

By James Johnson - Last Updated January 24, 2022