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Matrix Power Calculator

The power matrix calculator is an online tool that is used to take the matrix power online of any desired matrix. Using this power of matrix calculator you can raise any matrix to a given integer value as the power entered.

Multiplying a matrix with a numerical value seems easy while raising it to power that can be a positive or a negative value is a sneaky one. Using the matrix power calculator taking an integer exponent of any matrix becomes a one-click procedure.

Instead of taking the exponent of each cell separately through manual calculations, simply enter your matrix and get detailed steps for calculating the power of a matrix using this calculator.

Therefore, using the matrix power calculator online not only students can get exact answers to the matrix problems but also learn the concepts of raising a matrix to an exponent power.

How to Use Powers of Matrix Calculator?

Using the matrix power calculator online is the simplest way of multiplying a matrix with itself for the given ‘n” times. Simply following two steps, you can effortlessly calculate the power of your matrix.

You can also use multiply matrix by scalar calculator to multiply a matrix with a number or matrix multiplication solver for multiplying matrices online.

In order to raise a matrix to the required exponent or power using the matrix calculator online, the following steps are involved.

Matrix Raised to Power n Calculator

From the matrix calculator website providing several different tools for matrix simplification, choose the powers of matrix calculator. The power of a matrix is specifically developed to solve matrix power online for different to exponent problems.

Select Matrix Dimensions

The first requirement to use the matrix to the power calculator is to choose the order of your matrix. Therefore, select whatever dimension your matrix carries up to 4x4.

Enter Matrix Elements

As soon as the dimension of the matrix has been chosen, one by one start entering the elements of your matrix. These elements could be any integer value your matrix carries.

Input Power Value

As the last input, enter your exponent value, or the number of times you would like to raise the power. From getting the square, cube to any other integer value you can enter the required exponent in matrix power n calculator.

You can also use our Matrix Trace Calculator to solve matrix calculations easily.

Get Results

After entering all these inputs and rechecking them as per your matrix problem get results. Click on the “Power of” option in exponential of matrix calculator to calculate the results of your inputs and you will be displayed with the raised power of your matrix.


How do I find the Power of a 4x4 matrix?

The power for matrices having dimensions 4x4 can be computed with a single click using the online matrix power calculator with steps. To get the power of a 4x4 matrix input its values and get results.

Can I calculate the matrix power for a negative exponent?

Using the matrix negative power calculator, the power of a matrix can be raised to any integer i.e. whether negative or positive exponent.

We hope you liked the great matrix raised to a power calculator. Don't forget to use our other tools such as eigen value calculator or matrix eigenvector calculator.

By James Johnson - Last Updated January 21, 2022