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Matrix Subtraction

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Subtraction Matrix Calculator

The matrix calculator provides a wide array of online matrix tools, the subtract matrices calculator is one of those tools. Just the way the addition matric calculator is used to add two matrices together, subtracting matrices calculator is used to take the difference between them.

The subtraction matrix calculator is a handy and user friendly online platform that can assist you to subtract matrix A from matrix B. Using this online subtract matrices calculator you can effectively take the difference of two matrices of any order from 1x1 to 4x4.

The rule that the subtraction calculator follows in order to subtract two matrices requires both of them to be equal in dimensions. This means the difference between two matrices can only be taken using this calculator if both of them follow the same order.

How to Use Matrices Subtraction Calculator?

Finding the difference of the two matrices using the subtraction matrix calculator is a one click procedure. With just a single click, two matrices of any order can be subtracted in no time.

Go through the following steps for the matrix subtraction using the subtraction calculator with steps.

Choose Subtraction of Matrix Calculator

The matrix calculator constitutes matrix operations calculators of each and every operation. These online tools like matrix difference calculator simplify any kind of function related to matrix calculations.

To take the difference of matrices automatically, with the assistance of these matrix addition and subtraction calculators. You have to open the subtracting matrices calculator from the calculators’ list.

Select Matrix Order for Matrix A

After browsing the subtraction matrix calculator, you have to select what is the order of your first matrix. For this purpose, choose the m x n of your matrix A. Or in other words, selects if the matrix A has is having the dimension 1x1, 1x2, 1x3, 1x4, 2x1, 2x2 and so on till 4x4.

Select Matrix Order for Matrix B

Similarly, you have to select the dimensions of matrix B. The order for matrix B is chosen from 1x1 to 4x4 the same way for matrix A. However, it should be kept in mind, two matrices can only be subtracted using the matrix calculator if they have the same order.

Enter Matrix A Elements

After selecting the dimensions for matrices A and B, enter the elements of matrices. First of all, then input the elements of Matrix A and also recheck to input accurately.

Enter Matrix B Elements

After you have entered elements of matrix A follow the same procedure for matrix B. Enter the elements in the correct order and to avoid any mistake recheck entered values.

Select A-B on Calculator

After giving each input required by the user’s side simply click on the A-B. The difference between the two matrices is thus provided in a few seconds effortlessly with the matrix calculator.


How Can I Subtract Matrices in less than a minute?

Using the Matrix Subtraction Calculator is the easiest way of taking the difference of matrices. If you want to take the difference of matrix A and B in less than a minute simply use matrix calculators.

Why A-B and B-A are not equal Matrices?

The subtraction of two matrices doesn’t follow the commutative law. Therefore, during matrix subtraction, matrices A-B and B-A are not equal.

How can you subtract matrices of different orders?

In order to subtract two matrices, one rule must be followed, “both matrices must have the same size”. Thus, it is not possible to subtract two matrices of different orders.

By James Johnson - Last Updated January 19, 2022