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Row Reduced Form Calculator

The reduced row echelon form calculator with steps is an effective matrix tool to simplify any linear equation to row reduced echelon form. The row reduced form of a matrix is the form in which the elements present below the main diagonal are all equal to zero.

It determines the RREF of an augmented matrix according to the method of Gauss Jordan Elimination. However, for Gaussian elimination, you can use gaussian jordan elimination calculator as well.

The matrix calculator for row reduced form provides step-wise calculations till the final results, which helps you to grasp the RREF concept. Therefore, while having the accurate results as the output this tool displays the elementary row operation applied on the matrix.

For any augmented matrix having elements as the real, rational, complex numbers or prime integers the reduced row echelon form calculator with steps finds the solution in the form of RREF. And this helps you finding the row reduced form problems by simply entering the matrix inputs.

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How to Use Row Reduced Form Calculator

It is quite simple and straightforward to use an online row reduced echelon form calculator to reduced matrices as per Gaussian elimination. By simply entering your matrix data and giving the command to calculate you can use this matrix calculator.

Follow these simple steps that assist you to use the RREF calculator with steps for performing row operations on matrices.


From the Matrix Calculators, you, first of all, have to choose the row reduced echelon form calculator for RREF. After opening the RREF calculator with steps, provide inputs for your augmented matrix. The matrices' dimensions and elements are the inputs that you have to enter.

Matrix Dimension

Starting with the most basic step, assign an order to your matrix's entries as the first input. Any augmented matrix dimension up to 6x6 can be input into this calculator.

Matrix Elements

Enter the matrix elements once you've entered the proper order for the relevant matrix. Coefficients are the entries in the augmented matrix; thus, begin by inputting its coefficients one by one.

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The row-reduced form will be returned as an output if you supply the matrix calculator with both of the necessary inputs. Click on the RREF option to get your solution.


How to reduce linear equation to row reduced echelon form?

The RREF calculator with steps is an assistive tool that helps to solve matrices. This calculator reduces any linear equation to RREF while performing row operations

How augmented matrices can be reduced following Gaussian Elimination in two steps?

Using the matrix reduced row echelon calculator, any augmented matrix can be reduced according to the Gauss Jordan method. Simply enter your inputs and get results in two easy steps.

Matrix Calculator provides all kinds of matrices related tools for free. You can also find lu factorization of a matrix calculator or matrix reduced row echelon form calculator in it for free.

By James Johnson - Last Updated January 24, 2022